Everything for the perfect shoe

There are plenty of shoes to choose from, however to become your favourite they need to be perfect. And this is exactly what we strive to achieve at Caprice. The typical Caprice quality is not just apparent at first glance, it is something that is felt too. Using only the very best leather, the superb fit and the attention to detail make every Caprice shoe something special. Furthermore, our patented innovations provide a unique “walking on air” experience.

onAIR Innovations

The 2- in -1 insole

Two innovations in just one insole: typical Caprice. With up to 300 air bubbles in every Caprice onAIR insole, you enjoy a high level of comfort with better climate control and cushioning.

Better climate regulation
Moisture may concentrate in the air bubbles and will be passed through chambers with every step while walking. At the same time, the circulation of air is encouraged and the wearer benefits from a comfortable temperature.

Better shock absorption
The longer you are afoot, the more you will love Caprice shoes. Every single air bubble has a cushioning effect, thus not only preventing the first signs of fatigue, but also providing a constant and stimulating foot massage.

The heel air suspension

Our very own “onAIR Antishokk” technology provides you with a far superior walking experience.

Greater relief
Your back will thank you for taking advantage of our air chamber/cylinder system that cushions every single shock. This way, your are protecting your entire body including your spine and joints while wearing our shoes.

While walking the heel suspension dips in automatically and thus absorbes a large part of the impact. Increasing your feeling of overall well-being and allowing you to relax and enjoy the day.